On Deck

What up y’all?? Needless to say this shits been a long time coming like Sam Cooke for real. I’ve always loved music and loved writing about music, often times using one to fuel the other, so a music blog is a foregone fucking conclusion. Look to find video posts, music posts, music downloads and mixes within these vaunted digital halls.

Honestly, I’m actually kinda excited about it and am thankful for those that have inspired me, pushed me, fueled me, angered me, amazed me and otherwise motivated me to (in the words of the intro track to Nas classic Illmatic “Stop fucking around and be a man, there ain’t nothing out here for you…”

Writing that reminds me of the first time I quoted that intro in writing, shoutout to Dr. Susan Athey on that one.

Anywho, buckle up cuz I’m bout to take y’all through some shit!!

“…word up, lookout for the cops…” C.R.E.A.M.

-Rory DJ Stringer Bell Heath