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Remember these days? Fuck yeah, I know I do. And I want you to as well. Let me remind you who this dude is. He’s the dude that consistently brings chills to your heart when you hear his most recent single. I remember bumping an official College Dropout leak for the 2 weeks prior to the official release date. His music was so good I pushed to get the word out; this dude was it, this dude was the future. I rushed an album review into UCCS’ Scribe so that it would print in time for the album release.

The album was so solid, so complete, so inspiring, I used to bump it loud in my headphones on campus and look knowingly at my classmates as if to say “what I hear in my headphones now, you will soon love” His fuck you bravado to everything that ever tried to hold him down reverberated with me and inspired me in a way that so few musicians do.

For my socioeconomic demographic and generation, he was our Pac’. 2pac was looked up to for his fearless ability to stand up to all the injustices that affected people that came from the circumstances he came from: a poor family in the ghetto. Make no mistake, Kanye is the 2pac of the 2000’s: every test we thought was bullshit, every teacher that told you to sacrifice your dreams and do something that actually makes money, every level of college bureaucracy you encountered, Kanye rallied against… and Won.

Say what you want about his childish antics, his passion, his approach, but know this, this is one of the great musicians of our generation. Check his resume and sales VS anyone else and you’ll find few peers. Now check if those peers also make beats for other artists. I didn’t think so.

The ultimate test for musical greatness is what I call the “replay track test.” When you first hear this track do you play it back to back for at least 4 cycles? For me that answer is yes.

So download the track, peep it loud in your laptop speakers, and pardon Kanye for his hubris cuz he’s just that fuckin good.

Kanye West-Power

(Click and select “download” OR Click on the song in the blue box on the right and then click “download”)



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