Drake X Young Jeezy- Unforgettable


So I’m trying REAAALLL hard not to like this motherfucker Drake, but he just keeps making it rough on me. The dude’s a jewish, Canadian rapper/singer from Toronto who used to star in Degrassi, a far cry from the gangsta rap that first broke me into rap music. But sadly this song might just have been my coup de grace for my ignorance. Not only does Drake drop ANOTHER killer, retrospective emotion driven verse, but he coaxes the best verse out of Young Jeezy in the past 4 years. However past due, I’m glad to see Young Jeezy not mail in this performance. Shits solid. One of the keywords when it comes to music is growth: personal, artistic, physical, etc) and this is growth.

So peep it, and do me a favor, listen to the whole song all the way thru.

Drake ft Young Jeezy- Unforgettable


Shouts: Earmilk.com


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I am a DJ spinning Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, and pop. I also splash in some House and Reggae to keep the mix flowing.

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