Freeway Fire

Aiiiight y’all a day early I got a little heat for y’all, In addition to a new mix that will get posted later today, let me take a second out to post two amazing clips from Director Rik Cordero. Each one of this dudes videos are fire with these two being no different. Shoutouts to Rik, Free, and Jakeuno on these tracks. Both songs are off of the recently released The Stimulus Package.

I can fondly remember tearing up the limited bootleggers network that was 2002 looking for any track for this dude following reading about how he shredded fools via freestyle. I combed everything that was available at the time, grokster, bearshare, napster, kazaa, everything only to find a scant 3 tracks. Some 8 years later, he’s finally killing it how he should have always been killing it. Soul samples, raspy voice, ladies and gentlemen, Philadelphia Freeway!!

She Make’s Me Feel Alright

Know What I Mean

For more info about the album and an Interview with Freeway that I did you can check it out HERE


About djstringerbell
I am a DJ spinning Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, and pop. I also splash in some House and Reggae to keep the mix flowing.

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